Backblast – Asgard – Tuesday 3/15/22 – The Irish Cross

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  • When: 03/15/2022
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Third Eye, Roddy, Feud,

Got to the AO 20 minutes early, and found the field was a giant mud pile, so called an audible and moved my workout to the parking lot. Measured out the cross, and ended up a tiny bit shorter than intended, but the roundabout gave a nice Celtic cross feel to the layout.

At five, disclaimer was given, and we were off!


LBAC F/R x10

Good mornings x12

Don Quixote x12

Minute of leg stretches, bring Cindy to the side of the cross, and a mosey to show the plan.


Start in the center of the cross. Approximately 30 yards from the top (under library overhang), 40 yards from the bottom (end of the park g lot) , and 25 from each side (end of the parking rows)

Start with ten Grady Corns (front clap + overhead claps, in a four count)

Run to the top of the cross

The Father (fist/fingertip merkins) x10

Run back to the center and repeat Grady corns

Run to the bottom of the cross

The Son (SSH x10)

Back to the middle and repeat Grady corns

Run to the first side

The Holy (Hand release burpees x10)

Back to the middle and repeat Grady corns

Run to the final side of the cross

The Spirit (squat thrusts x10)

Repeat 7 times for some Irish luck.

Total distance ran was about 1.5 miles.

70 fist merkins

70 SSH

70 hand release burpees

70 squat thrusts

290 Grady corns.

CoT was about how I may not be a great person, but that makes me a good Christian. Understanding that we are fallible, born in sin and will ultimately fail at things, but that we should strive to improve every day.

I hope today helped the PAX with some physical improvement.

Feud – kept right on my tail the entire time. Even catching up as we hit round nine before picking up the six together. You are a beast, and you kept me driving when my arms wasted to fall off.

Roddy – way to drive all the way through the seven rounds, and finish strong. Your acceleration is amazing. Hope you enjoyed some of the Scottish music I threw in, too.

Third Eye – sorry you had to modify, but glad you came out and pushed despite that. Glad you didn’t aggrivate any injuries, and I’m looking forward to chasing you again soon.

Thank you for your support.



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