You Get What You Get…

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  • When: 03/28/2022
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Rudy Inside Out CONROY Outhouse (r) 3 Peat Sandcrab(rr)

Silver Sneakers was in fine form this morning anticipating a guest Q by one Hello Kitty…the problem is, when you get a certain age, your mind can play tricks on you…and you misremember names, places, and events.
Hence, the Pax was stuck with one Papa Smurf, who paid for his misremembering with some wonderful mumble chatter.
“You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit,” is a mantra that my 8 year old is stuck on these days…it hasn’t taken hold of my 4 year old yet, so I’m reminded of it daily. The Pax did not pitch a fit when subjected to yet another Papa Smurf Q…with some wonderful background music.

Warm up : Plank Jacks•15/
Flutter kick•15/ AST•15/Hello Dolly•15/hill billy•15/Don Quickote•10 reacher •10 MP•10 SSH•15. Spider-Man stretch.

Route 66. Exercise at each station.10 merkins/10 Bobby Hurley’s. 10 mt climbers/10 big Bois . Another lap…forgot the exercises.

Width of field:::
Mosey. 10 squats 10 groiners…down to 1 of each

Ciabatta. You call the exercise. 30 seconds on 10 off…
COT. BOM. Prayers for Kendall job and Lee and Jackie’s pregnancy.
Always a good way to start out the week. Cheers lads .

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