What’s a Spiderman Twip?

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  • When: 3/29/2022
  • QIC: That would be me....
  • The PAX: Pud, Pick 6, Gekko, Toxic, Superfly, Jumanji, Snuffy, Groundspeed, Blockbuster, Bernie, Prawn, Sweet Spot, Zamboni, Heisenberg, Hey Big Papi, Bowzer

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat down to write a legitimate backblast. It seemed like the right thing to do.

Scrolling thru the interwebs last week I stumbled across a 20 minute HIIT workout by some nameless Australian bloke in his living room. This should be good. Let’s go with that. I did change up some of the exercises…just because.

Warm up

After calling time and the blah, blah, blah disclaimer. I did state that only 20 minutes of the beatdown was planned.

Urban Myers- 5 each leg- OYO

Will Smiths- 5 each hand-OYO (use your imagination)

5 Burpees OYO (not really a crowd pleaser here)

SSH 10 – IC (Note: someone needs to get a video of Hey Big Papi doing these. It’s like a cross between spastic dancing and someone walking into a full size spiderweb.

Reachers 10 ish IC

Hillbilly’s some count

Prisoner squats- bored of this

4 burpees

The Thing 1

Mosey to the playground for 11’s. 10 merkins and 1 Pull-up. Up or down however you want to do them. My Q’s are all about freedom to choose. Bernie was writhing around on a discarded Slim Jim in the mulch. I’ll leave that there.

The Thing 2

To the basketball court for Bowzer’s Tabata thingie. 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest. Due to some technical difficulty, the speaker didn’t start working until the second round. But we pressed on. The 20 exercises we did were, in no particular order, except they are:

  1. Bearcrawls
  2. Squats
  3. Mtn Climbers
  4. Running in place
  5. Reverse lunges
  6. Goof balls (Thanks for the assist Heisenberg)
  7. V-Ups
  8. Merkins (High praise from Hey Big Papi)
  9. Side lunges with knee lift (right side) Lot’s of mumble chatter here. Complaining that we were only doing the right side. Like, I’ve never done this before? Why would I neglect the left side? Really?!?!?
  10. Side lunges with knee lift (left side) See?
  11. SSH
  12. Inch worm without the merkin.
  13. Spiderman Twips. Not going to explain this.
  14. Diamond Merkins (Toxic was not happy about this)
  15. Run in place with 3 Tuck Jumps every 10 ish seconds
  16. Half Burpees (basically a burpee without the merkin. (Bernie didn’t like this, but then again…who cares?)
  17. Low Plank
  18. Speed skaters.
  19. Calf raises. ( We just don’t do enough of these.)
  20. 3 1/4 turn jumps and then a burpee.

I considered doing this a second time round, but Gekko was dragging asp the whole time, so I decided to throw him a bone. (TWSS) So we went to the field .

The Thang 3

Dora 3,2,1

300 BBSU

200 Squats

100 Merkins

Partner 1 runs to the far side walk and completes 3 merkins whilst partner 2 does exercises. At this point Heisenberg comments that it seemed redundant to do more merkins on top of merkins. Yeah. Well.

Omaha was called and we cut the exercises to 150, 100, and 50 for time.

We finished up for 3 rounds of circle burpees at the flag.


Prayers the Wakefield family and Ralph.

From Marcus Aurelius: “A straightforward, honest person should be like someone who stinks: when you’re in the same room with him,  you know it.”

***realized why I don’t write these anymore…..

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