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  • When: 04/11/2022
  • QIC: Terminator
  • The PAX: Dollar Bill, Sofa, Outhouse, Deuce, Full Monty, Wasted, Narco

F3 4/11/22

8 PAX worked out on a cool spring Monday morning at Badlands.


-lap around parking lot, SSH, Michael Phelps, The Reacher, Merkins, Flutterkicks, LBCs

Mosey to baseball field

The Thang

-home plate to 1st base: bear crawl

1st to 2nd: lunge

2nd to 3rd: crawl bear

3rd to home: crab walk

-repeat, but add in: 10 merkins (1st base), 10 squats (2nd base), 10 BBS (3rd base), 10 burpees (home plate)

-Mosey to bleachers where we did two sets of 20 step-ups, 20 incline merkins and 20 dips

-other exercises: Mountain Climbers, Wide Merkins, Hello Dollies, Plank, American Hammers, Little Baby Arm Circles (forward and backward), Balls to the Wall, People’s Chair, Indian Run and more Bear Crawls and Lunges





This week’s theme from QSource: Mammon: The Sustaining Relationship Between A Man And His Work

1. Mammon Is The Easiest Relationship To Maintain

2. Mammon Provides The Most Direct Affirmation

3. Mammon Is The Only Relationship That Is Terminable At Will

-men enjoy work because it’s easy to tell if we are doing well or not (i.e. promotions, awards, etc.)

-we must work to feed our family and idleness is not a good thing, however, work must not be placed above our relationships with family and community

-no man on his deathbed wishes he had worked more


-Sandlot Jax


-F3 Alpha’s Ready-Mix who passed away leaving behind his young family.

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