Badlands 4-13-22 – Do the Damn Thing!

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  • When: 4/13/2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Skid Mark, Full Monty, Wasted, GNC, Terminator, Bada Bing, Dollar Bill, Sofa, Tackleberry

10 Pax strong today at Badlands.  Message today is “Do the Damn Thing”  Be it a goal, bad habit you need to break, something new you are scared to try. I wanted to encourage us all to set aside the excuses, fears, and distractions to do whatever it is in your life that has been looming that you want to get done.

Warmup – SSH IC, Shinook IC, Don Quixote IC, The Reacher IC, 5 Burpees OYO, Big Boy Situps OYO, Freddie Mercury IC, American Hammer IC, Heals to Heaven IC,

The Thang – Mosey to the Turf fields incorporating some backwards running and karaoke,

At the field figure 8 drill.  Starting at the corner endzone we did the exercise adding 2 reps for each stop. Corner endzone, to the 50 yard line, across the field, up to the opposite corner endzone, across the endzone, repeat forming a large figure 8 around the perimeter of the field. The excersizes Burpess-1,3,5,7, Squat Jumps-2,4,6,8, Hand Release Merkins-3,5,7,9, Seal Jacks-4,6,8,10, LBC-5,7,9,11, Hello Dolly IC-6,8,10,12. We logged 1200 yards of running on the field.  Guardian Run to the wall at the football field- 30 Calf dips/raises, 20 Inclined Merkins, Guardian run to the first lot, Mosey to the porta let, Sprint to the COT, COR, NOR, Announcments, Prayers.


Good Work Men!

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