Badlands 4-18-2022 – Celebrate the small wins in the marathon.

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  • When: 4-18-2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Terminator, Dollar Bill, Air Bags, Mr. Smooth

We had 4 PAX join the QIC at Badlands for a “not run day”. Our brother Hat Trick is in Boston to crush the marathon today so as a way of showing him support we got in a good run ourselves. Like the Boston Marathon, we all have races we are running for various things in our lives. Get stronger, get healthier, improve our marriage, improve our relationships with our kids, and be better leaders at work. All of those things are marathons. They don’t happen overnight. Be sure to celebrate the little wins on the way to tackling your marathon.

Warmup – SSH IC, The Hillbilly IC, The Reacher, 6-second Merkins IC (Slow controlled Merkins counted Down,2,3,Up,2,3 That’s 1)

The Thang – Ran from the circle back towards PV HS, Stopped at .5 miles for Michael Phelps, and Continued the next .5 miles to the backlot. Small Dora, 100 BBSU, 150 Invisible Jump Ropes, 200 Curb Step-ups. Run back and stop at the entrance to Davis for LBACF, LBACB, Sprint to the COT. We got in just around 2.5 miles. Not even a 10th of the marathon, yet still a win!

COR, NOR, Announcements, Prayers, Pray for Hat Trick to get a great day in, Pray for my BIL that was in a motorcycle accident.

Great Work


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