Offer of A Lifetime

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  • When: 04/26/2022
  • QIC: Hat Trick
  • The PAX: Pruntang (R), Outhouse (R), AB (R), Rawlings, Tackleberry, Felony, Sofa, Deuce, Terminator

10 Pax HIMs made a good decision to run the bridge on this beautiful April morning. Aside from Pruntang finding a hole in the sidewalk twisting his ankle the run was a success, 4 miles in 41 minutes.

On the run Hat Trick shared with the PAX an “offer of a lifetime”, in October 2022 Hat Trick will host the “Heartbreak Bridge” Marathon. All PAX are welcome to join Tackleberry and Terminator (90%) committed to run their first marathon. 10 2.6 laps will be completed on the Palm Valley Bridge, plus .2 tacked on to the final lap to get us 26.2 miles. Hat Trick will create a training plan for all to follow (starts May 1). All runner levels are welcome and we will be well supported along the journey. Hat Trick promises this will be a life changing journey. If any questions or interest please reach out to Hat Trick.

COT – Fallen is coming, F3 Jax anniversary convergence TBD, prayers for Aquaman, Tazz, Full Monty and Heisenberg.

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