It’s a Draft Party

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  • When: 04/28/2022
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: French Tickler

2 HIM of Fleming Island posting in the gloom at Asgard despite still being hungover from YHC F3 Jacksonville anniversary celebration beatdown, or it could be from Crotchless’ Bernie Sanders Bifrost beatdown.  Resisting the fartsack was essential; afterall, there was yet another reason to party: its Draft Day!  A day that NFL teams try to bring in fresh new players and breathe new hope to bad teams.    


  • High knees x20 IC
  • Butt kickers x20 IC

The Thang

It’s draft day, and the funniest thing I heard or saw on a headline was that the Jags had one of the worst teams going into the draft.  Talk about a Captain Obvious moment.  I’m pretty sure the good teams aren’t picking #1 two years in a row…  At any rate, the draft always brings a sense of hope and new beginnings.  So welcome to the F3 Draft Party:

  • Round 1- Jags have the #1 pick… again… so – 1 mile mosey- don’t forget your burpees at the Memorial wall
  • Round 2- (33rd pick) 33 curls for the girls
  • Round 3- (65th and 70th picks, and 65 + 70 = 135) triangle formed by two light posts and the sidewalk: bear crawl to each and perform the following:
    • Cone 1: LBC x 45
    • Cone 2: Flutter kicks x 45 (ct 1 leg)
    • Cone 3: Mt Climbers x45 (ct 1 leg)
  • Round 4 (106th pick)- run corner to corner of parking lot and perform the following:
    • Squats x27
    • Monkey humpers x27
    • Gorilla humpers x27
    • Calf raises x25
  • Round 5-6-7: DORA style, with run to third light post
    • Round 5: 157 Shoulder presses
    • Round 6: 180 Merkins
    • Round 6: 188 LBCs
    • Round 7: 222 Squats
    • Round 7: 235 SSH

French Tickler and YHC got to the Jag’s first of two 6th round picks before time was called.  Not bad as they got further than YHC thought they would. 


As mentioned previously, the draft gives teams a sense of new beginning and hope.  YHC spoke today about hope.  He found Christ following a men’s retreat, and ever since then, he hasn’t let the stresses of life overwhelm him because now he has hope.  He knows this life, and the stresses of this life, are only temporary.  Why should I worry and be anxious, when I know whose I am. 


  • F3 Jacksonville 7th anniversary convergence at Boondocks on Saturday 4/30
  • Hula 5K at behind the Poker Room the following Saturday, 5/7
  • Prayers for brothers on IR
  • Prayers for those battling cancer
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Pledge

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