Wednesday 5/4- Hockey Playoffs- Us not Me

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  • When: 05/04/2022
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: FM, DB, BB, HT, Rawlings, Terminator, Deuce, Prunetang, Motorboat, Sofa, Skid

The message- it’s about US, not ME! One of the many things I love about hockey is this mentality. In my opinion, it remains the ultimate sport where teammates are just that- not a collection of individuals but a true team of parts working to be greater than the just the sum of those parts. Even in the social media dominated modern sports era, hockey holds on to that mentality- maybe at the detriment to their marketing.

Applicability to all of us- pick and choose the right time to be the front man. Sometimes you gotta be the unheralded mucker & grinder the does the unrecognized dirty work in the corners. Other times you need to score the big goal. Either way, keep the team always humbly in mind.

12 gathered in the gloom, got out some blocks & then sneakily ran towards the bridge.

Warmup, mosey with stop stops in between for upper body & core workout. Focus on proper form- this time with our shirts ON.

Couple minutes of stretching once we were warmed up.

Quick block workout- some manmakers, goblet squats, curls, more man makers & some core workout.

Prayers: Foley family & all those in our hearts.

Announcements: Fallen & 5K this Saturday

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