Hard Nocs – Handle Adversity 5-7-2022

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  • When: 5-7-2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Check Please, Valdez, Bloomer, Saigon Sam and his 2.0 Jack, Firefox and his 2.0 Edge, Penguin and his FNG 2.0 Kamikaze, Gizzard, Mr Smooth, FNG Spaceballs, Motorboat, Wasted, Mr. Yuck,

16 PAX joined at Hard Nocs this morning including (3) 2.0’s (one of them was an FNG. Welcome Kamikaze) and one other FNG. Welcome Spaceballs. Adversity is summed up with 2 words. Difficulties, and Misfortunes. We face those every day. Adversity can be handled many different ways but usually it boils down to the 3F’s Fight, Flight, or Freeze. As men we tend to lean towards fight every time when in realty each situation may call for us to us any one of these or sometimes all of them. If you cross a bear and choose fight but don’t have the right tools it may be your last fight, If we choose flight and aren’t fast enough it may be your last run, if we choose freeze that bear may come attack us anyone. F3 helps prepare us for how to handle adversity. Fitness gives us a clear mind, Fellowship gives us an army of high impact men at our fingertips to lean into for advice, help, or just to be there with us, and Faith is the belief of a power higher than ourselves. When we know that is in our corner we can handle anything thrown at us.

Warmup – SSH, DD, PPL, PPR, 6 second merkin, Stair Lap, The Shinook, Don Quixote, The reacher, LBC, Flutter Kick, Hello Dolly,

Mosey to the pull-up bars stopping for Michael Phelps and LBACF, LBACB along the way. Pull-ups max out at 5, While we wait our turn we did 3-squat jumps, 5-big boy sit-ups, and 7-monkey humpers on repeat, Get to the bridge. Lunge Walk to the half way point, Bear Crawl to the end. At the big field we partnered up and played catch me if you can all the way to the end (partner back peddles while other partner does 5 burpees than catches up and you switch) We did catch me if you can back but instead of burpees we did 5 hand release merkins. Mosey over to the other field. We ran corner to corner end to end exercising at each point. 10 Merkins the first round for 40 total and 15 Squats the second round for 60 total. Back on the road we did a guardian run stopping randomly for exercise. The PAX in the front called out the exercise. At the COT we did a round of stretching to finish it.

COR, NOR, FNG Naming, Announcements, Prayer Requests,

Great work men!

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