The Theme is The Theme

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  • When: 05/09/2022
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Stones Goggins Rudy(r) Outhouse(r) Sandcrab(rr) Inside Out(r)

Some days the theme of the workout just infiltrates your brain…other days you are just glad to show up with an empty head.
Today was the empty day…Sandcrab suggested that the Q would just wing it, but that wasn’t the entire case. A little prep, a little improv…and a little bit of fun.

The Warm up;
The Usual

THE Thang
Several 50 yard moseys with big Bois and flutter kicks to start.
Indian Bear Crawl the length of the field.
Modified line drills with flutter kicks and big Bois …
Lt Dan the length of the field
4 lunges 1 burpee/8/2 12/3 etc.
Circle of dealers choice exercises
Victory lap.
COT BOM. prayers for Heisenberg and 3 Peat and Rudy’s daughter…and for all the Pax that are missing and injured.
Always fun to get after it on a Monday.

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