Leg Day you Say?

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  • When: 05/10/2022
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Toxic, Bernie4points, Boucher, Whiff, Gekko, Jumanji, Shock Treatment, Pinto, Groundspeed, BlockBuster, Lego, Hey Big Papi, Snuffy

The conditions were ideal for an F3 Beatdown. 58 degrees With on 90% humidity.

14 Pax posted for a PUD Beatdown that didn’t involve Cindy. YHC determined that some of the Pax obviously skipped leg day. That said, it seemed appropriate to assist the pax in building their very own “Quads of Fury” (should we trademark this?)!

After forsaking the field for what seems to be months, YHC made the call to warm up in said field & not in the dry parking lot. Comments were made by Big Papi that the field was wet… YHC was unsure if his statement was factual so we began our warm up with 10 Burpees, 10 LBC’s & 10 Superman’s – we then had confirmation that the field was in fact wet.

– See above +
– 10 SSH’s
– 10 LBAC – fwd
– 10 LBAC – bkwd
– 10 SSH

– Lap around park
– 20 Reverse Lunges (1-1)
– 20 Jump Squats
– 20 Step Ups (1-1)
– 20 Broad Jumps
– Rinse & Repeat 4 Times

– 10 Burpees
– 10 Pull-ups
– 10 Merkins
– Rinse & Repeat 3 times

– Gassers for the last 5 minutes

Everyone put in effort today. The message was given about pushing yourself & not showing up just to go through the motions. We should be accelerating ourselves & those around up. T-Claps to Whiff for having great form & not just rushing through the exercises. YHC was pleased to see the improvements made by many of the pax over the past months. We are all getting better. If you opted not to post today… don’t worry, as Gekko would say – “we can all hear you getting fatter”.

SYITG – Let’s get to work!

– Shock treatments family
– Boucher’s family
– PUD’s family
– Gekko’s back & knee
– Xenu’s health & work
– GroundSpeed’s upcoming elections at work
– Jumanji’s Sunny disposition
– BlockBusters hesitation to speak up
– Big Papi fear of articulation
– Bowzer’s COVID
– Toxic’s Kidney
– All the sad clowns that fartsacked


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