3 Sets of Cindy

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  • When: 05/12/2022
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Groundspeed, Blockbuster, Heisenberg, Bowzer, SweetSpot, Whiff, Jumanji, Boucher, Xenu, Lego, Barry Shinkoff, Pinto, Bernie 4 Points, Snuffy, Bing

Again the conditions in sunny Florida were excellent for a beat down! The weather was cool and the humidity was relatively low!

16 braves souls showed up for a little bit down!

At 5:30 on the dot we took off for a brief jog around the library and then circled up in the field.

The warm-up began with:
– 10 SSH IC
– 10 LBAC Fwd IC
– 10 LBAC Bwd IC
– 10 Moroccan Night Clubs
– 10 Don Quixote
* During warm-up, Whiff, Barry Shinkoff and Pinto were called upon to do a little and cadence counting. They need to be prepared for their time Q’ing a Beatdown soon!

THE THANG – All done w/ Cindy

– 1 Burpee
– 3 sets of 10 – Blockbees
– 1 Burpee “break” between each set of all Cindy exercises
– 20 BBSU
– 3 * 10 Squat Thrusters (1 burpee btwn each set)
– 20 Leg Lifts
– 3 * 10 Overhead Press (1 burpee btwn each set)
– 20 Flutter Kicks (1-1)
– 3 * 10 One Arm Row – Right (1 burpee btwn each set)
– 3 * 10 One Arm Row – Left (1 Burpee btwn each set)
– 20 Plank Jacks
– 3 * 10 Cindy Swings (1 burpee btwn each set)
– 20 Mountain Climbers

– Lap around the field – Stop at playground for:

– 3 * 10 Pull ups (3 burpees btwn each set)

– Rinse & Repeat Cindy Work until 6:15am

There was a fair amount of trivia & mumble chatter. It was suggested that this Beatdown might make for a good IPC Challenge. YHC thinks we’d need to make it a bit harder.

Pax were called out for a little too much trivia & not enough effort. Book club starts at 6:30 for Q-Source. We are out there for the camaraderie & to bust out ass, to push ourselves & those around us to get better. Do the work!


Prayers for Pax families that are dealing with aging parents. Continued prayers for Heisenberg. Prayers for people in our sphere struggling with marital issues.

Noticeably present were Bing, Xenu & Barry Shinkoff. Are we seeing a trend?

‘Nuff said. Go punch today in the throat.


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