Lightening does strike twice…..I seen it!

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  • When: 5/14/2022
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Boucher, Hey Big Papi, Pyro, Synapse, Bernie, Shock Treatment, Rosin Bag, Throatswab, Cousin Eddie, Sweet Spot, Bowzer

There is a saying, that lightening will never strike twice in the same place. Well, I’m here to tell you, that is a load of bull crap. I saw it with my own two eyes! And I lived to tell about it. Read on my friends.

I saw that no one had signed up for Anchor and it was a strategic move on my part to NOT have to endure any of Boucher’s nonsense.

I had planned on a couple of things to do, 1 being a tribute to Covid 19 and the other , a Lucky Horseshoe workout. As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I came up with some other crap to throw in.

So this morning, with my whiteboard prepared, my blue tooth speaker charged up, off I went to Memorial Park.

Lightening Strike 1.

As I was approaching Memorial Park, I saw a runner with a yellow shirt turning the corner. I rubbed my eyes and looked again…could it be? NO! YES….It is! It’s THROATSWAB! Shazam!

As the Pax were gathering, some with Cindy’s, some without, Lightening number 2 happened.

Coming towards us in slow motion, like a Sam Peckinpah Western was none other than….wait for it….

Cousin Eddie!! Get the eff out of town!!! What a great day!!

So enough of this foreplay. On to the action! Time was called.

The Prologue….Disclaimer given, blah blah blah.

Side Straddle hops – a number of them

Goof balls – not as many, but more than 3

Don Quixotes

Reachers – 3

LBC forward and back- just to keep things on the up and up.

Hand release merkins- 10 OYO

Chapter 1- Screw you Covid

Ode to Covid 19. This was meant to be a solo exercise if everyone had brought a Cindy. We didn’t have enough so I changed it to a Dora like activity. I think all in all….it sucked more.

Curls  x 100

Overhead Presses x 100

V- Ups x 100

Irkins x 100

Dips x 100

Chapter 2- This kinda Sucked

9 rounds of Lucky Horseshoe 2o reps of each, then run to the flag for next set.

  1. Merkins
  2. Merkins, Bobby Hurleys
  3. Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, LBC
  4. Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, LBC, Groiners
  5. Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, LBC, Groiners, Squats
  6. Bobby Hurleys, LBC, Groiners, Squats
  7. LBC, Groiners, Squats
  8. Groiners, Squats
  9. Squats

Chapter 3- Making Stuff Up

We parlayed to the fountain and immediately Bernie eyeballed the statue and commented on it’s engorgement.  I averted my eyes.

Rocky Balboa’s

Bear crawl around the fountain. Lot’s of comments from Hey Big Papi

Calf-raises ( I am convinced that one day, Bernie will have calves.)

Chapter 4 More stuff to be made up

In a run like fashion, we went around the part back to the cindy’s for some more Dora type stuff. Instructions could have been better, but we all came round in the end.

Partner A- Murder bunny towards the flag (about 30 yards out)

Partner B- Run to flag, then take over the murdering of the bunny. Repeat  till you get to the flag. Then head back to where we started.


Same concept…Partner A does 2 lunge walks then a merkin, while Partner B runs to the flag and back.

More mumble chatter from Hey Big Papi that 1 merkin is a waste.

Lastly….as if this chapter isn’t long enough.

Relay races

2 lines were formed. Bear crawl to the block and back. Everyone else doing Side Straddle hops. Pyro had to go twice.

Second race, sprint while everyone did merkins while waiting for their turn.

Time was called. All in all, we had much sweat.


Lots of things to pray about. Illness, relationships and decisions about where God is calling us.

Look for sad clowns. They are everywhere.

100 points for Synapse EH’ing an onlooker!

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