An act of sheer folly

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  • When: 5/17/2022
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Updraft, Tron, Farah and Farah, Lifo, Hot Lips, Septum, Extinguisher

8 HIM’s posted at Chop Shop. The conditions were ideal. The moon was full… we were patiently waiting for the moon to fall but it seemed to hang in th sky taunting us as if the sun would never rise. The grass had just enough morning dew to cause the sand and dirt to stick to us… YHC was taken back to days gone by when playing outside and getting dirty was the only agenda. It was 73 degrees with 90% humidity. Perfect for what was in store. As the Pax rolled up they noticed lighted cones as if they were on a runway – ready for takeoff!

– SSH Burpees (5+2) 10 IC
– Michael Phelps OYO
– Swimmers R + L
– Jog in place
– High Knees

* Pax alternated in cadence counting of Thang 1-3

– 20 Carolina Drydocks – IC
– 20 Groiners – IC
– 20 Squats – IC
– 20 Flutter Kicks – IC
– Suicides – OYO

– 20 Seal Jacks – IC
– 20 Werkins – IC
– 20 Squat Jumps – IC
– 20 Hello Dolly – IC
– Broad Jump Burpee to last cone and back – OYO

– 20 Pickle Pounders
– 20 Diamond Merkins
– 20 Freddie Mercury’s
– Crab walk to last cone and back – OYO

We finished the first 3 & had time for a speed round. Exercises were cut to 10.

YHC left 5 minutes for stretching at the end. Each man called a stretch.

– Hot lips employment
– Family of recent school shooting victims
– Various ailment’s that come with aging
– Pax families dealing with illness

“Don’t count the laps, make the laps count!”

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