This is stupid

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  • When: 5/17/2022
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Groundspeed, Blockbuster, Toxic, Snuffy, Hey Big Papi, Heisenberg, Seatdown, Whiff (The good one) Pinto, Gekko, Bowzer

Knowing I had Q this morning, I wanted to do something different. So I searched the interwebs and stole an exercise from another region that I have already forgotten. Sad really. They called the exercise the Ring of Fire. I renamed it the the Circle of Stupidity. It has a nice ring to it. It can evolve into something….

I charged my bluetooth speaker, set up my Tabata app and off I went.

Warm up stuff…

Goof balls. 20 something IC. (Side note. I felt this was a good opportunity to connect with the Pax, so whilst we was goofballing…I made it around the circle and got a high five from everyone except for Hey Big Papi. He was in  no mood.)


Don Quixotes

LBC- forward and back

Moroccan Night Clubs.

Mosey around the parking lot to the field…

Where we encounter the CIRCLE OF STUPITY.

8 cones set up in a circle-ish fashion. Pax distributed themselves around the circle for 8 exercises each lasting 50 seconds. 10 seconds of rotating rest.

Alternating Shoulder Tap Merkins

Pickle Pounders ( Interesting techniques here. Some were aggressive, some did concentric circles.)

Goofballs (again)

Monkey Humpers

Birth Canals

Diamond Merkins


Bobby Hurleys

Part 2

Mosey to the playground for Murph Practice

10 Rounds of:

5 Pull ups

10 merkins

15 Squats

Run around small loop.

NOTE: After each lap, I placed a small leaf so I could keep track of how many rounds we completed.

After round 8 I discovered a small mound of leaves….Prolly 100 or more. Not cool.

After 10 rounds (I think) were completed, I made the observation that our service men and women did not stop in their duties to protect our freedoms. So… we shouldn’t either. 5 more rounds!

At this point, Hey Big Papi lost a gasket. “Stupid, lacks leadership, devoid of creativity.” Stuff you would expect to come out of his pie hole!

After the 2nd round, I decided to finish up with the Circle of Stupidity. We did a Ring of Fire (our version), Heisenberg called some birth canals, Hey Big Papi called 30 merkins (so predictable) and I finished with Jack Webbs. We got to 5 merks/20 raise the roofs before time was called.


Prayers for healing our bodies and relationships, praise for Blockbusters new job and Zamboni’s sabbatical. (He got covid juice spilt on him)

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