Hard Knocks – Worth the Work 5-21-2022

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  • When: 05-21-2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Spaceballs, Jersey-devil, Wasted, Mervin, Left Turn, Terminator, Bada Bing, Full Monty, Prunetang, Tusk, 2.0 Ray, Saigon Sam

13 Pax came together with the threat of rain. The rain stayed away and we got to work. The message – Your worth the hard work! Some Michael Jordan quotes about work – “Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work” Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, Others make it happen” You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them” If you do the work you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.” We are all worth putting in the work, be it for fitness, health, relationships, career, or whatever else….Put in the hard work and be great.

Warmup – Seal-jack IC, 1-burpee, Plank-jack IC, 2-burpees, Mountain Climber IC, 3-burpees, The Hillbilly IC, 4-burpees,  SSH IC, 5-burpees, Stair lap, and for fun another stair lap.

Mosey to the parking lot, Furball our way to Spray, LBC IC, Mosey to the stop sign, Michael Phelps IC, Mix of Karaoke, and back words running to the restroom building, Bear crawl across the pavers, Bear crawl back, Mosey to the field, circle up, 7 Flutter Kick, 7, Hello Dolly, 7 LBC OYO, Air Chair for the 6, Mosey 50 yards, 14, Flutter Kick, 14 Hello Dolly, 14 LBC OYO, Air Chair for the 6, Mosey 50 yards, 21 Flutter Kick, 21 Hello Dolly, 21 LBC OYO Air chair for the 6, mosey 50 yards, 14 Flutter Kick, 14 Hello Dolly, 14 LBC OYO, Air Chair for the 6, Mosey 50 yards to the big field, 7, Flutter Kick, 7 Hello Dolly, 7 LBC, Air Chair for the six. At the big field we found someone had left us (2) football’s conveniently left right where we were standing. We split into 2 teams and worked on sprint drills competitively. 2 men lined up 25 yards away doing invisible jump rope. Next one in line sprints to them tosses the football and they switch and sprint back. Continue until all partners have gone. 3 rounds of this increasing sprint  distance each time by 10 yards. Then we did the same thing but the partner had to throw the ball down field. Last drill was a competitive Guardian Run. Each team ran 100 yards and back passing the football from the front to the back with the guy at the back sprinting to the front. Rewards and penalties after each of the above competitions were Burpees!! Mosey to the bridge, squat steps, lunge walk, and high knees across the bridge, Michael Phelps IC, Mosey to the pull-up bars, 2 rounds of 5 pull-ups. Mosey towards the circle. Stop once for the Shinook IC, Finish to the circle non-stop.


Announcements – The Fallen, Prayer Requests – (Prayers announced were for all the kids graduating and moving to new buildings to keep them in your thoughts, Prayers for Terminators wife Kristen as she tore her ACL.)

Good work men

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