The Mano a Mano Challenge

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  • When: 5/24/2022
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Xenu, Whiff, Gekko, Lego, Bernie 4 Points, Hey Big Papi, Boucher, Jumanji, Heisenberg, Toxic, Bowzer, Synapse, Pinto, Sweet spot, Superfly

17 Pax posted for the Mano a Mano competition. The conditions were a little less than ideal. The humidity was so high you could feel it resting on your shoulders…

It seems like everything in Florida is is the 90’s right now… the temperature, the humidity, the average age & most peoples IQ!

Ok, so what is the Mano a Mano? If you read the preblast or posted, you know. If not then this is for you…

Pax divide – equally
Form 2 lines
All pax begin with air squats
Once the 2 competitors have completed 10 squats they run to the cone.
At the cone – 3 burpees
Bear Crawl to the sidewalk
At the sidewalk – 3 burpees
Run to the playground
10 pull-ups
3 burpees
Run to the basketball court
25 battle rope swings each arm
3 burpees
Pick up Atlas stone – Carry around the perimeter of the court – you should visit all 4 corners – return to stones to their original starting place. There was an advantage to being the first to reach the stones – One way in about twice as much as the other!
3 burpees
Run to the racquetball court
10 Donkey kicks on East wall
3 burpees
10 wall sitting overhead claps
3 burpees
Run back to gazebo
100 jump ropes
3 burpees
Your done….

Everyone in line continues to alternate- 25 squats & 25 monkey Humpers until they are next in line.

Second set of competitors begin running when their teammate finishes 3 burpees at the sidewalk.

Pax that finish the circuit begin the following OYO:

– 25 Merkins
– 25 Overhead press
– 25 Cindy swings
– 25 Squat Thrusters
– 25 Dips
– 25 Derkins
– 25 Cindy Rows R + L
– 25 Cindy Step ups
– 25 Blockbees
– 25 Werkins
– 25 BBSU
– 25 LBC
– 25 V-Ups
– 25 Backscratchers
– 25 Seconds – Lindsay Lohan
– Rinse & Repeat until time

Jumanji marched up with Whiff to start off the fun. The run was close but Jumanji was the first to complete the run & challenges.

Pax were encouraged to call out other pax to challenge them to run the course again. A handful of pax thought this was a good idea. Perhaps once they hit the 25 Blockbee spot on the list of exercises!

Everyone put forth a solid effort. Next run of the Mano a Mano we will throw down the gauntlet for the men of Chop Shop & any other pax brave enough to venture to the hallowed grounds of Anthill/BOHICA.

This workout was all made possible with Xenu bringing the second battle rope & atlas stone.


As men, we need challenges. We need competition. We need to be pushed to move away from our comfort zone so we can become better & help to make those around us better. The Mano a Mano was devised to interject a little competition into the workout. We can get a good workout without competition but once we add a challenge, it’s in our nature to step it up a bit.
– Family issues : parental health Boucher & PUD
– Whiffs pride for Jumanji beating him. I feel a stagecoach stair challenge coming.
– Xenu life decisions
– Gekko’s insurance
– Pyro & Pick 6’s sense of direction, it seems they are lost & have trouble finding the workout
– Barry Shinkoff’s bride as she’s dealing w/ tough times
– Heisenberg’s treatments

BTW, Xenu’s got the flag. See you Thursday brother!

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