When the Beatdown is a Mere Formality

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  • When: 05/26/2022
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Bartles & Jaymes, Third Eye, Sasquatch, Crush

5 HIM of Fleming Island posting in the Florida gloom for a special combined beatdown. With the audible called on Tuesday, YHC combined the beatdown he had in mind then with the beatdown he had planned for today.  Good thing, too, because he wasn’t quite sure if he had enough material for each to cover the full 45 minutes.  He loves it when a plan comes together.


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Imperial walkers x10 IC
  • Don Quixote x10 IC
  • LBAC forward/backwards x10 IC
  • Moroccan night club x10 IC
  • Chinook x10 IC
  • Carolina Dry Docks x10 IC
  • 1 long lap around parking lot

The Thang

After a Woodshed Saturday beatdown, YHC was doing yard work while catching up on his F3 family of podcasts.  He came across Stuff Worth Trying and the discussion was on form…  agh!  So YHC thought, why not…  

The Thang

All of the following exercises performed AMRAP x1 minute.  YHC provided instructions on proper form for each:

  • The Merkin
    • Pelvis and chest should move as a unit (squeeze the gluts!)
    • Partner 1 performs merkins, his chest should go low enough to hit partner 2’s fist
    • Partner 2 counts reps (counting only each merkin with proper form)
  • Curls for the Girls
    • Elbows goes to full range of motion (full extension/flexion);
      • Try not to rock your body
    • Holding outside of block works the brachialis muscle (think hammer curls, and as a side benefit, can help with pull-ups)
    • Putting your arms through the holes and holding the block works the biceps and will scrape up your forearm a little (side benefit of helping with chin-ups and impressing your M when pointing to the beach)
  • The Bench Dip
    • To perform properly, externally rotate your shoulder (fingers of hands should be facing outward from body when on the bench) and shoulder blades should be depressed and squeezed
    • Go as low as you can without feeling shoulder pain
  • YHC had pax put their form to practice by running merkin and curl suicides (5,10,15,20) and reminded pax to focus on form vs speed.  Dips skipped  so Q could move onto…

The Thang II

Q had pax focus on UE at the beginning of this beatdown, can’t forget the lowers… Like previous, following exercises performed AMRAP style x1 min with the focus on form:

  • The Squat
    • Keep feet, pelvis squared (squeeze gluts), chest out and up, head up (no waist bends)
    • Shift weight to the heels as you go down
    • Begin squatting until Cindy kisses your gluts
      • Can substitute bench seat
      • Can make it harder with Cindy lying horizontally
    • The Lunge
      • Front knee should not go past foot on way down
      • Back knee should touch or nearly touch the ground
    • Lt Dan– any better way to practice these two exercises than circling the parking lot doing Lt. Dan?


YHC reminded pax that one way for us to hold each other accountable is by watching our form.  While it may slow us down, in the long run, it will help prevent injuries and help us become more efficient with areas we really want to develop and get better.


  • TAPs for those lives lost and affected in Uvalde, Texas
  • Big Bird and his family
  • Crotchless and the Bailey family for healing
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Pledge

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