Backblast – HEIDRUN – 5/27/22 – Ruck club

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  • When: 05/27/2022
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Crush, Sasquatch, Drumstick, Mello, French Tickler, Trip Hazard

This is the first week I’ve been back home in a month, and missed my AO. Needed to get back in the Q sheet, arm still in recovery or otherwise.

I wanted a ruck beat down, but wanted to get mileage in as well, especially for Trip Hazard. Came up with a route, and threw the plan out the window when I arrived and saw that French Tickler has a sandbag with him.

With my sandbag, I modified, and started up.


Proper form arm circles forward x13

Proper form arm circles backwards x13

Proper form arm circles forward x12

Proper form arm circles backwards x12

Chicken arms (need new name) x10

Static arm overhead stretch 30 count.

Thang 1

Ruck to the FIP pavilion, changing sandbag carry every three to four minutes (just over a half mile)

Thang 2

PAX all held people’s chair/air chair, rucks on. Sandbags in center of pavilion. PAX take turns, two at a time, to do 3 cleans with the sandbags (30# and 50#). Repeated until all PAX have done this five times.

About 3 minutes of people’s chair, and 15 cleans.

Thang 3

Ruck bag to flags, changing sandbags again.


Short. Just to say that as someone going through a physical injury we can’t do everything ourselves. As we shared the weight today on the ruck, share burdens in your life.

Prayers for healing.

Naked man moleskin

Hope everyone enjoyed the mix up from the usual. Not as much mileage, but some good weight, especially for those of us who did the quarter miles of lunges yesterday.

Crush, way to push yourself to clear the 50# bag. You’re a beast!

French Tickler – love that you keep pushing, and keep adapting to the workouts. Love having more sandbags, and definitely break out the jump ropes. I may hate them, but variety is great!

Mello, you were crushing the sandbag cleans and carry. True strength!

Drumstick, hope it was enough distance for Trip Hazard. Always great to have you out. Sorry I couldn’t grab coffee today, but next time!

Sasquatch – if you were hurting from yesterday, it didn’t show. You are unstoppable!

And I hope everyone is enjoying the new focus on form. I find those new arm circles to really hurt, and really help maximize flexibility.





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