Backblast – Asgard – 5/31/22 – The Fallen Continued

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  • When: 05/31/2022
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Crotchless, Roddy, Gadot, Feud, Sasquatch


Arm circles F/B X12 IC

Reaches x10 IC

The Thang

The Manion

I set up a 0.26 mile running loop that started/ended at the Asgard pavilion, and had a set of weights for the PAX to do their squats with.

15 pound bar

25 pound sandbag

30 pound rucksack

40 pound coupon

50 pound samdbag

I encouraged them to show up with vests/coupons/rucks as well, and everyone came ready to roll.

7 rounds (minimum) walk/ruck/run the 400 meter loop

29 weighted squats


Bent leg twist x10 IC

Pike pose

Cobra pose

Childs pose


Spoke to the sacrifice of those who have given all for us and our freedom. Asked the pack to think about their willingness to sacrifice in their own lives.

Naked Man Moleskine

I hadn’t done the Manion previously. With a hurt arm, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to clear much additional weight for the squats, but managed 4 rounds with a weight vest and the 50 pound sandbag. Two days since, I definitely paid for that in soreness, but definitely doable. Next time I’m breaking out the barbells and putting the required weight on.

Feud crushed it with a 30# ruck the entire time, probably putting on the most weight of anyone for the squats. And fast! Amazing work.

Sasquatch ran the entire beatdown, and I’m pretty sure completed 9 rounds to our seven. Super impressive how unstoppable you were during this.

Crotchless – to complete all seven rounds with a broken toe, and having done the Murph with that same injury the day before. Impressive and inspiring!

Roddy – Ruck on and constantly moving, and getting under weight for each of the squat rounds. You were a force of nature! Constant movement, no failure.

Gadot – thank you for the mumblechatter while we worked out together for the first five rounds. I like getting to know more about my brothers, and having the camaraderie while hurting my way through this was massively helpful. Thank you.

I picked up this Q late the night before, when I realized nobody else had it. I hate that I’ve missed the two big CSAUP events so far this year for my new home region, but glad that I could complete the Fallen in stages, and that the rest of the PAX were inspired to complete it as well. 100% of the PAX who showed up to this beatdown had done the Murph as well.





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