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Being a part of something bigger than oneself is pretty neat. When you consider the friends we make and the workouts we do, one wonders what prevents others from joining in the fun…
And one needs to look no further than the mirror;there are men who were once like us until a leader asked us to come join in the fun.
Today we welcomed FNG’s Roadkill, and SLUGGO to the fold…one was just moseying around the park;Zamboni corralled him and the rest is history…KEEP asking your friends…they need the comraderie just as much as you and I.

Warm UP
SSH•RT/Lt arm stretches. LBAC’s•The Reacher•Don Quixote •
Spider-Man Stretch•
Toy soldier to the end line

nobody specifically signed up to Q so we did the revolving Q..more on that later.
Papa Smurf: mini Spartan. 10 sprints and 10 merkins after each sprint.
Bada Boom
Various modes of running to two lines. Mid line. 1 burpee add one each time. Then 2big Bois and one end and plank jacks at the other. Reverse ladder.
High Pitch
Similar ladder…running backwards and doing alternating shoulder taps and skaters.
Fix it
Ball slapping squats •10
One legged step ups •10
10 pull ups
20 merkins
30 squats. Three rounds
Finished with stretching
The Q thinks he left something out but he’s currently too tired to get total recall.
American legion tonight for Yard Sale’s side hustle.
Prayers for the missing Pax, the hurt Pax, and the Pax in need of healing.

Always fun to watch the Pax evolve.

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