Putting the Q in Communication.

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  • When: 06/15/2022
  • QIC: Outhouse
  • The PAX: SLUGGO •Goggins•Customs•Snaggle•Inside Out(r)•Zamboni(r)•Outhouse(r)•Papa Smurf(rr)

Tick tick tick tick tick….
5:31 Inside Out roars in on two wheels.
Customs still hasn’t figured out WHEN the workout begins.
5:32.tick tick tick
No mumble chatter
5:33. Outhouse. “Who’s Q’ing?”
5:33:15. Papa Smurf “You are.”
5:34. “What? I said I could Q if you needed me.”
“I thought you said you’d do it?!?!”
Outhouse: “well, let’s F*ing go.”
Inside Out: “papa, you’re gonna regret this.”
That’s what putting the Q in communication means.

SSH•MP•LBACF/B•The Reacher• stretch right stretch left tempo merkins
Mosey to tennis courts
Wall sit 30:45:1:00
Balls to the walls: 30:45
Circle of AB exercises
Mosey to the field
1-25 SSH. run 50 yards
1-11 plank jacks. Run 50 yards
1-11 squats. Run 50 yards
COT BOM. PRAYERS FOR ALL THE PAX, sick, well, and missing.

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