Make every day Memorable

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  • When: 06/20/22
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Dollar Bill, Full Monty R, D-DAY R, Wasted R

YHC picked up the Q yesterday and didn’t have much of a message in mind until 1 minute before betting out of the minivan in the parking lot at BL. In light of celebrating Father’s day yesterday and being aware that many of us no longer have our father’s including myself it occurred to me that I don’t have many specific memories of my dad, who passed away when I was 10. However, the memories I do have I cherish. So the message is to make memories every day with the ones you love, be present in the ordinary and make every day memorable for those you love.

Warm up:

SSH x10 IC, The reacher x10 IC, LM OYO, DD OYO, PP OYO, Standing quad stretch OYO

The thang: Mosey to turf field

Partner Up:

11’s = 1 merkin, 10 Squats. Bear crawl goal to 10 yard line, crawl bear back. Partner runs from goal to 50 and back, switch and complete the 11’s as a team

Burpees across the field – OYO.

Begin 1 burpee at goal line, run to opposite goals line and complete 1 burpee

Run back to opposite 10, 1 burpee, run to opposite 10, 1 burpee

Continue the pattern for 20,30,40 yard lines  until finish at 50 yard line, complete 10 more burpees.

Mosey back to flag, pax rotates calling out a set of 10 exercise at each light post, exercised included shoulder taps, BBS, Flutter kicks, Merkins, toy soldiers, plank hold, hello dolly.


COT -Prayers for FM mother in law Helen with upcoming back surgery, DB daughter Carly – with oral surgery, a patient at my hospital named Frank, prayers unsaid.

Thanks for having me lead.


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