Backblast – BIFROST – 6/29/22

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  • When: 06/29/22
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Bigbird, Feud, Crotchless, Drumstick, Third Eye

We moved the flag to Hilltop today on Wells Road, to help Bigbird get practice in for BRR, and to push ourselves out of the comfort zone.

I took the Q late, as I hadn’t been getting on the sheet much these last couple of months since hurting my arm. But, it’s a run club, so I figured I could manage.

I figured I’d run with some of the worst hill exercises I’ve done in the past, and see how much humidity added to that suck.

Answer? It added a lot to that suck.


SSH x12

Reachers x10

Don Quixote x10


Thang 1

Indian run to top of the hill, about half a mile.

Thang 2

Quatrophobia – for four minutes, run down the hill, and Bernie Sanders up. 1.5 times was the max anyone hit. Hold squat for the 6.

Thang 3

Lower hill sprints. Sprint the bottom half of the hill ,then mosey to the top. Mosey down to the halfway mark, and sprint to the bottom. Hold squat for the 6. Repeat X3.


Thang 4

Upper hill sprints. Jog to halfway mark, then sprint to top of hill. Sprint back to halfway mark, and jog to bottom. Hold squat for the 6. Repeat X3.

Mosey back to flags.

Count and names.


Push yourselves where you’re weak. The best way to accelerate is to work though your hardest areas, not play to your strengths. That was today’s beatdown, which pushes me where I hate working out (running), plus inclines. It was also the message of this week’s Goruck newsletter.

I spent a lot of time chasing better runners, and it’s training like this that ultimately helped me improve. Keep doing the same.


Great job from everyone. Each of us hit a wall while fighting that hill, but everyone pushed through and made gains. Total distance was just over three miles, so we got a run club in.



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