Badlands – Talk About it 6-29-22

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  • When: 6/29/2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Terminator, Full Monty (R), Prunetang (R), Saigon Sam (R), Sofa, Narco, MoFo, D-Day (R), Motorboat

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. The emphasis today was on the “Grow” portion. F3 is something we should talk about (unlike fight club). I encourage everyone to tell as many people as they can. Try to reach many sad clowns to give them a taste of what we have all found with F3.

Warmup – SSH IC, The Hillbilly IC, Squirming Turtle IC (Full Monty said it is also known as the dying cockroach) Flutter Kicks IC, Hello Dolly IC, Plank Jacks IC, Mountain Climber IC, Recover

The Thang – With a block walk towards the restroom building doing walking OH Press’s, The peoples Chair with the block on your lap for 1 min., balls to the wall for 1 min., continue with the block towards concession doing walking lunges, 10 for each leg, At concession, 5-Man Makers, 7-Curlz for the Girlz, 9-One Armed rows (9 each arm), 11-Bench Press, 1-big lot lap returning to concessions, 13-step ups (13 each leg), 15-arm dips, 17-inclined merkins, 1-big lot lap, Repeat with the block work. Return to the COT with another round of lunge walks (10 each leg) another round of the people’s chair, balls to the wall, and walking overhead presses. At the COT we finished with a cool down -Abe Vigoda, groin stretch, and leg stretch. COR (10) NOR, Prayers

Nice work men. Always an honor to lead. We snuck in 1.77 miles of running on our block day.


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