No Talent

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Being On Time
Making An Effort
Being High Energy
Having A Positive Attitude
Being Passionate
Using Good Body Language
Being Coachable
Doing A Little Extra
Being Prepared
Having A Strong Work Ethic

There were 14 in the rainy gloom this morning at Poseidon . Very proud of the men who Dollied prior to the beat down as we added another 3.5 to the beach, the Dora’s , sprints and back.

Papa Smurf rr, Jumanji, Goggins, Outhouse, Check Please, Yard Sale , House Keeping, Bobber, FNG Moose, Slugo, Powerball, Wrangler, Blackout.

Warm a Rama , stretches , Michael Phelps, Peter Parker

The thang
Mosey to the beach, SSH, Merkins, flutter kicks along the way.

Dora on the Beach, 100 Iron Mikes, 200 merkins, 300 squats . 150 yards of sprints .

Circle up on the beach, flutter kicks , skaters , upside down pickle pounders all in cadence .

11’s Big Boys hand release .

Mosey back to Poseidon more of the same on the return .

COT prayers for Wranglers family, my mom, all said and not

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