Double Respect VQ

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  • When: 07/20/2022
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: Duece, Motorboat, Saigon Sam (R), Dollar Bill, Outhouse (R), Prunetang (R), MoFo, Narco, Rawlings, Sofa, Squeege (R)...welcome ( on break from pickle ball), Slash (R)

YHC did not want to wait until AFTER he turned the ripe old age of 60 to have his RR VQ, so this was the date!!! Played 1962 play list, much to the chagrin of everyone, even YHC…switched to 80’s rock and then Christian Rap…



Limp Member

Down Dog

Mountain Climbers

Michael Phelps


All in cadence X 10

The Thang

Theme of the day is 60…which we only reached once…

Mosey to the turf field stopping every so often to do some Merkins…

7 of diamonds…modified, 7 burpees, 6 burpees, 5 burpees, 4 burpees..

Goal Line: 10 BB situps, broad jump to the 25, 25 merkins, broad jump back

10 BB situps, lunge walk to the 50, 50 merkins, lunge walk back

Individual Dora: 2 groups, 1st group run and complete burpees, while second group starts on merkins, 100 merkins, run to the opposite 40, 5 burpees, run back, then 200 LBC’s

Mosey back to the flag…


Various announcements by the NanTan

Prayers for Jaeger family, all on IR, to be the men God created us to be…

Shared 2 Corinthians 12:9-10…for when I am weak, He is strong…

Gatorade for everyone for their efforts…



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