“I Want to Be Strong Like You DADDY!

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  • When: 07/23/2022
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Middie•Richard Simmons(FNG )•Goggins•Wrangler•Felony•Outhouse(r)•Statue of Liberty(r)•Wonderbread(FNG r)•Zamboni•Outhouse•Housekeeping•

It’s six am…you’re trying to prep for the workout and your 5 year old daughter wakes up.
“Where you going Daddy?”
“I’m going to workout.”
“Can I come with you? I want to be strong like you?”
Heart melts. Pause.
“Well honey, it’s for boys only, but I’ll workout with you when I get back ok?”
“Ok Daddy…I’m gonna be strong like you.”
And just like that, we have a theme for the workout…be strong for your 2.0’s and know that they are watching everything you do…and listening to everything you say.
Nine regulars, two FNG’s, and a returnee from Singapore gathered on the turf for a team led beatdown.

SSH•Arm/shoulder stretch•Michael Phelps•Reacher•Spider-Man Stretch•Flutter Kicks•

toy soldier to end line 25 LBC’s•2
Chatty Group this morning
Mini Spartan
15 50 yard sprints. 10 merkins after each.
Indian Run around the park
OUTHOUSE calls for some 11’s
Straight with big boi sit ups

OBAMA’s width of field. Zamboni saved us.
Walked to tennis court(it’s hot outside)
Air chair 1 min
Balls to walls 1 min
Rinse and repeat
Usain Bolt
Victory Lap
Stretching with Zamboni
PRAYERS for Felony’s daughter and Dylan’s family.
Welcome FNG’s Wonderbread and Richard Simmons. Welcome back, after 3 years in Singapore , soon to be Florida freshman Middie.
Always fun to get after it on a humid morning.

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