Gravy on the Biscuit

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Learning to train and keying the mind in a positive way in order to allow your beliefs to charge your actions.  When those two things occur…belief and action can, and will, create your new reality.  

Fitness, Fellowship , and Faith. It’s the fellowship to me that’s most important to me. Thank you men for allowing me to lead. 85 degrees @ 7:00 am. Wow there were 9 of us in the Heat and humidity 8-6-2022. Bada Boom, Mitty, Hang Time , IO, Zamboni, Powerball, Wrangler, Statue of Liberty , 3 Peat.

Toy soldiers, stretches , mosey to the beach fun along the way. SSH, Merkins, Hello Dollies,
The Thang on the beach
10 BBPS, sprint 50 , 10 BBPS sprint 50
20 MKNS sprint 50 , 20 MKNS sprint 50
30 JHSQT sprint 50, 20 JHSQT sprint 50
20 BBS, sprint 50, 20 BBS, sprint 50

50 skaters
100 squats
150 lunges
100 yard sprint

Mosey back to COT more fun on the way back with a Victory lap included . Prayers for mothers and families .

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