Core VQ

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  • When: 08/06/22
  • QIC: Third Eye
  • The PAX: Fued (r), Six Mil (rx2), Mello (r), Roddy, Crush, Sasquatch, Wood Shed, Animal, Gadot, Magnolia, Chips

For my VQ I decided to go a little off the books and do stuff we normally don’t do… Obliques

12 HIMS stepped up to my VQ challenge. The humidity showed its face first thing and tried to keep us down. It failed miserably.
SSO’s -10- IC
LB Arm Circles Forward -13- IC (13 sounded good)
LB Arm Circles Backwards -10- IC
Reachers -10- IC
Flutter kicks -10- IC
The Thang: Core De Trois
Round 1
10 Prisoner Get Up’s
20 Mike Tyson Merkins
30 Jump Squats
Run down to the fence and back (roughly 200ish yards)
Round 2
20 Side to Side Merkins 1:1
30 Plank Twists
40 Squat Pulses (3 downs = 1)
Run to the fence
Round 3
30 Cindy Rows (15 each arm)
40 Penguin Crunches (Left to right = 1)
50 Dips
Run to the fence

Once the circuit was completed the PAX had a choice to do 100 LBC’s or start the circuit over. Most chose to start over.

All PAX finished the 3 rounds then we moved into Dealer’s choice. For some reason the PAX had not gotten enough of the Plank and ab workouts. Most went for more with their choices. Until we got around to @Roddy… What he brought was unthinkable and the person who showed him this “exercise” (PAX believed) needed therapy.

We ended with a mosey back down to the fence in a group, followed by 4 burpess (or blockees) for the PAX that could not attend.

Upcoming events and announcements were discussed.
YHC talked about the importance of teamwork and how we come together to help one another. Whether it is household tasks, working through the hard stuff, or just being there and coming together for others.
Prayer requests went out to all the schools starting. To all the teachers, staff and students returning to school these upcoming weeks. For those healing, traveling, or with injury. As always in the Asgard AO for the Bailey family.
Always in the closing: The Pledge

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