Cookie’s Gift for the Jax Pax

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  • When: 08/11/2022
  • QIC: Saigon Sam
  • The PAX: Deuce, Space Balls, D-Day (R), PruneTang (R)

YHC was greeted by 4 eager Pax on a very humid morning at Badlands with a big full moon lighting up the sky.  Unfortunately no VQ’s this morning but we pressed on with the veterans.  YHC had posted downrange in Alpharetta a few months ago and Cookie put a good beatdown on me.   He suggested that I bring that down to Jacksonville as a gift for the Pax so I finally followed through on that.


SSH, Limp Member into Down Dog, Peter Parker, Valdez, Childs pose, good morning, LBAC forward and back, tempo squats, lap around doing toy soldiers, karaoke, butt kicks, walking lunge.


Each exercise builds on itself.  Example:  Run 1 lap, come back, do 5 burpees, run a lap.  Then 10 merkins, 5 burpees, then a lap, etc.

1 Lap

5 Burpees

10 Merkins (Feel free to mix up type)

15 Bonnie Blair’s

20 Overhead press (coupon)

25 Lunges

30 Curls (coupon)

35 Goblet Squats (coupon)

40 Shoulder taps

45 LBC’s

50 SSH

We made to the LBC’s and had to call it quits as we ran out of time.  This was tough workout.  Hard to catch your breath after the runs and the humidity definitely impacted YHC as I had to hydrate in the middle of the workout.   Very good training for the upcoming IPC!  The message for today was basically paraphrased from Cookie’s Backblast.  It’s a good one!


Are you living in the Gap or the Gain?


Living in the “gap”, means you are chasing an unreachable and always moving ideal, and you are never truly happy.  Living in the “gain” means that you use happiness as a starting point and measure progress by looking backwards

Training yourself to be happy is 100% internal, and is a form of living in the gain.  Happiness cannot come from something outside yourself.  It is a single player game.

Why is living in the gain important?


A recent poll revealed that only about 14% of adults say they are very happy.  Research also shows that happy people live up to 10 years longer than unhappy people.  The way to be happy is to not measure your happiness against an ideal.  Instead, always measure backwards.  Focus on the gains you are making.  Happiness should always be your starting point.  It should expand when you realize the gains you’ve made.


Announcements – Still time to sign up for the Tour de Pain, Saturday’s HardNocs workout at Mickler with Leonidas VQ,  Travis Manion (ruck/run) and 911 stair climb led by our man Deuce.

Prayers for PruneTang family putting down Lucy today and for Heisenberg as he begins the next wave of cancer treatment.

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