Backblast – Asgard – BC – 8/25/2022 – IPC meets crossfit meets CSAUP

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  • When: 8/25/2022
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Feud, Sasquatch, Roddy, Mello


Arm circles F/R x12ish

Reachers x10

Imperial walkers x10

Don Quixote x10

The Thang

6 cones set up approximately 15 feet apart.

PAX line up with coupons at the first cone.

21 jump over burpees

21 squat thrusters

Cusak carry your coupon to the next cone, then run laps around the workout area. Each lap is 0.1 miles,  or 160 meters.

5 laps,  then back to your coupon

18 jump over burpees

18 squat thrusters

Cusak carry

4 laps

Reduce reps by 3, and reduce laps by one.

Once completed, do an AMRAP set of 10s until the six is in or time is called. My equivalent of Mary.

10 Cindy swings

10 flutter kicks

10 American Hammers


Lot of hard stuff happening to us in F3 Jax. And likely around the country. I hadn’t stepped up to Q since injuring my arm back in April, so I wanted to push myself as well.

A lot of what’s been happening to us is out of our control. Family members suffering, myself included. Not as bad for me as some, but when your 2.0s get any sort of bad medical news, it hurts.

It also helps to have someone to talk to. For me, it’s my F3 brothers. So I encourage everyone to open up to someone,  but especially during CoT.

I don’t have many friends, being new to the area, and being an introvert in most things. Without F3, not sure what I’d do, but it would likely be dark. So I’m proud to have my brothers around me, and happy to give back where I can. Thank you all for your support, in my Q and in everything else.


Prayers for too many people suffering right now that we all know. Hoping and asking for healing, but strength for anything and everything.



I was rusty on cadence, but that’ll come back. Had to modify from the field since it was a swamp. Tunni g would have been a bit easier to set up, but I also would have increased the lunge walks between sets had we been out there. May bring this back in the future to try it out there.

Also had to modify at the beginning when a pickup decided to park in the middle of our AO. But F3 teaches us to adapt, and I think this was a burner.

Based the main Thang off of a Crossfit games workout, but added in lots of IPC style runs, and then CSAUP lunge walks, because F3.

Tried my hand at the 50lb sandbag for the first time in months, and just proud of myself for finishing. That was hard.

I made the run a close loop to keep everyone nearby, for encouragement. But this one sucked the wind out of everybody, so not much mumblechatter. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Feud was on fire. Got to the end and completed two rounds at least of the AMRAP.

Sasquatch – keeping with the six on the runs, and still powering through. Beast!

Roddy – pushed through to the last round, and I know that running isn’t a strong suit for you yet, but amazing to see how steady you are at keeping your pace and just dominating the exercises. Awesome job, and your improvements are noticeable. Keep accelerating!

Mello – sorry we didn’t get to talk much today, but you managed to keep pace on the running that forced me to push myself so as not to be lapped. Great job!

Thanks for your support.

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