The Physical Manifestation of Self-Improvement

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  • When: 09/09/2022
  • QIC: IronPax
  • The PAX: Wasted (R), Deuce, Slash (R)

To some, he’s the dude who introduced Left Turn to F3. Others know him as a polished HR professional with a, dast we say, almost unholy knowledge of recycling. His colleagues call him Steve, and his F3 brothers hail him as Wasted (in the sense of a proper noun, of course, NOT the adjective describing physical impairment).

But on this day – nay, on this dank, gloomy morning – The Big Man morphed into something else, namely, the physical manifestation of self-improvement. At F3, we talk a lot about self-improvement, about getting a bit better every day, about pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone. And indeed, the IronPax Challenge that rolls around this time each year provides that opportunity to engage in daunting feats of physical activity that push us to our limits. But for most of us, each challenge is one and done; we are delighted to get it over with and put it in the rear-view mirror.

Wasted? He looked in that rear-view mirror and said, “No sir. Once is not enough. I want to get better. I will get better.”

And so, with YHC and Deuce looking on in awe – and a big thanks to Deuce for his precision coning of the field this morning down to the millimeter – the remarkable Wasted made his second run at the IronPax Week 1 challenge, and improved his performance by roughly 15% over his Wednesday score. Even if he hadn’t just recently turned 50, we’d still be saying this: Respect. #BeLikeWasted #NotActuallyWastedAsInF’dUp #ButLikeWastedTheHRExec

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