Swole Saturday

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  • When: 09/24/2022
  • QIC: Outhouse
  • The PAX: Goggins•Felony•Richard Simmons• Bada Boom•Bobber(r)•Tone Deaf(r)•Housekeeping(r)•Wonder Bread(r)•Three Peat(rr)•Bullseye(rr)FNG•Papa Smurf(rr)•Yard Sale(r)•Bert(r)•Inside Out•r•Laser(r)

Realizing that Cindy’s are strictly prohibited at Silver Sneakers, we kicked off the Q with the theme of, “change is good, no matter how old you are.”
And of course, when it’s your Q bitch, one can do anything one wants, no matter what the unwritten rules are. That’s how we do it in West Virginia because our families rarely have a full set of teeth.
We began with stuff that I made up in my head…the usual stuff with a pop quiz on the 5 principles of F3…

Originality is rarely rewarded and plagiarism is highly encouraged when it comes to Q’ing.
With no worries about copyright infringement and copyright lawsuits, Meathead Money appeared on the pitch…16 stations. 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off…with Inside Out’s favorite music playing in the background.
One round was completed and then the Pax moseyed to the hoops court. There the Pax did a wall sit Burpee Indian Run…
The Pax then moseyed back to the stations and completed round 2. After round 2, the Pax moseyed around the field and circled up and finished with some ladders.
Merkins/American hammers. And I forgot the other ladder.
prayers for Heisenberg , Tone Deaf’s nephew, and all those sick and injured.
Welcome Bullseye and Laser

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