What you focus on, you get more of

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  • QIC: 40

Saturday 9/24 was my 6th workout and my VQ. Oops’s 80% Monday Q hit me hard, was invigorating, someone else stepping up outside of their comfort zone for family. Great to hear since previous to the last 8+ weeks my attitude has been off. Wife moved us here. Thought I was pulling my weight. If I’m honest, I worked harder at my job than my family, the move, helping, taking things off her plate. I didn’t step up ahead of her being overwhelmed. Post-move, took a good month before I realized that my attitude really needed to change…. Permanently!

The takeaway for today is “What you focus on, you get more of”…

What is that? Are you happy, smiling, focusing on god, complaining, what are you focusing on? Figure out the things you need to focus on. Be a leader, lead your family, even if she is rock solid strong. Lead at work, help your wife more, have the awareness to breathe, count to 10, have patience with your kid(s), work towards solutions, and not focusing on a problem.


  • Cross Body shoulder stretch (10 count each side)
  • Overhead triceps and shoulder stretch (10 count each side)
  • Reclined Spinal twice (10 count each side)
  • Chest Stretch behind back (10 count each side)
  • Inner Thigh stretch (sitting)
  • lower back stretch (leaning backwards)
  • hamstring stretch (forward)


Navy PT test / 2:
Merica’s (2 mins max pushups)
Big Boy Situps (2 mins max situps, no partner)
10 count rest x1

Indian Run to field
10 count rest x1

Similar to Superman or Australian Snow Angels… “Please Mr Shark, don’t eat me, I do not taste no good” x2
jumping squats x2
x3… then 10 count rest x2

10 Count Body Builders
Side Straddle Hops
x2… then 10 count rest x2
NOTE: VQ was gassed and several from the pax helped me cadence and continue on…

4 Count Flutter Kicks
x2… then 10 count rest x2

planks for 1 mins
High Knees
x2… then 10 count rest x2

jog to pull up bar

Pull ups at bar (x5)
Air Squats x30 OYO while not doing a pull up

Jog back to flag

Men in a circle on their 2 pack
legs 6 inches off ground, hold
each man bear crawl around circle of men.

Pax is Done

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