What if Nobody Posts?

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  • When: 10/10/2022
  • QIC: Papa Smurf.
  • The PAX: Bada Boom(r) Goggins

Bada Boom asked what one does if nobody posts for the Q…of course you work out, I said.
At that moment, Goggins rolled up and the terrific threesome was off to the races.

We weep for those who are gone for a while, then we go back to doing the same old stuff…
Let’s be the change and the high impact men we know we can be:

Limp member OYO. SSH •20 Hillbilly’s•10. Don Quixote •10 The Tlreacher•10. Left arm right arm. 10 count each.. •2. Hello dolly•10. Flutter Kick•10 Spider-Man stretch •10. Hippensteel stretch•2

Warm ups with skipping and toy soldiers…
All legs. All the time
Goal is to keep moving and having fun.
Width of field.
10 jump squats. • 5x
Width of field.
10 big bois•5x
Width of field.
10 marking planks •5x
Width of field.
10 side plank lifts •5x
10 hands back crunches •5x
15 Usain Bolts•5
Butterfly stretches• flutter kicks…
COT. BOM. Prayers for Heisenberg’s family…and the rest of the Pax …missing in action, fartsacking, or enjoying their vacations.

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