Motivators, Merkins, & Mosey

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  • When: 10/13/2022
  • QIC: Tron - RR
  • The PAX: Septum, Eileen (R), LIFO (R), Updraft (RR), D-Nice, Pyro

YHC met 6 familiar PAX on a wet but pleasant fall morning in the gloom at Chop Shop AO.  Intro/welcome, disclaimer, no FNG’s, and we were off and running.

  • Warm Up

Reachers IC

Don Quixotes IC

Michael Phelps OYO

Chinook Squats IC

Motivators from 3 (new for most of us, w/a failed demo by YHC, but we got through it….more to come!)

  • The Workout
  1. 50 Alternating Cindy/Coupon Merkins
  2. Motivators from 5-count (unison group cadence, countdown format, doing a 4-part SSH…..full jack, half jack, leg jack, hop/shuffle).  Great team exercise!!  YHC believes this is a “sticky” movement that should be fully incorporated into more beatdowns for greater espirit de corps.
  3. Mosey to San Clerc Rd and back
  4. 50 BBs
  5. Motivators from 5
  6. Backwards shuffle/mosey to first streetlight, run back to pavillion
  7. 50 Goblet Squats (idk, I modified my Weinke a couple of times so this may be off a bit, but you get the idea)
  8. 50 Flutter Kicks
  9. Motivators from 5 count and another Mosey, I think the first lightpost again.
  10. 50 Cindy curls
  11. 20 squat thrusters
  12. One more set of Motivators (5 count) and another mosey down the street
  13. Finisher was a set of 25 step ups (guessing….was having too much fun to remember).

Count o Rama

Name o Rama

  • COT

We all have the loss of Heisenberg forefront in our minds.  I shared, improperly feeling this way, how blessed the veteran PAX were who shared a special bond with Heisy and each other.  As a newer member of the PAX, I reluctantly (and shamefully) shared my envy of them and what they had shared.  The HIMs present assured me I was now an equal.

My takeaway for the day was simply, “when bad things happen, find the good in it and carry on”.  This is what Heisenberg would lead us to do.

Prayers for Heisenberg’s soul, his wife and daughters, for the Bailey family (for Ian), for travelers (esp. our PAX Extinguisher), and for all of F3Jax over the next hours and days ahead, as we contemplate the loss of our brother.

It was an honor to lead today.




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