Cindy’s best friend is Diamonds…7 to be exact

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  • When: 10/20/2022
  • QIC: crotchless
  • The PAX: feud, sasquatch, mello, friendly fire, bartles and james, dnr

Whooo-ee!  Did it get cold fast, or what?  the ole’ thermometer read 45 degrees this morning at 5 AM for YHC’s first Q in quite some time and it was a nice change from the usual Florida gloomidity.  But with that change in temp meant some of these not-so-young body parts needed a proper warm up today.  Since one of Asgard’s very own, Gadot, was working and playing out in Vegas this week, YHC decided to bring a little vegas to Asgard.  7 pax total in attendance for a 7 of diamonds beatdown, using Cindy of course.


SSH x 15, goofball x 15, high knees x 15, wonder bra x 15, moraccan night club x 15, little and big arm circles x 10 reps each, Don Quixote x 10, squats x 10.  All done in cadence


The Thang


diamond pattern of cones set up in parking lot, with adjacent cones being spaced approximately 25 yards apart.  Perform the exercise called out at beginning of each round and mode of transportation to each cone.  perform said exercise at every cone until pax reaches starting cone.  Perform exercise #2 at 14 reps at each cone, etc, etc, etc,.

7 diamond merkins.  bear crawl to next cone

14 squat thrusters.  rifle carry block to next cone

21 curls.  curl carry block to next cone

28 Freddie Mercury.  lunge walk

21flutter kicks with block overhead.  farmer carry block

14 Irkins on the block.  farmer carry block

7 diamond merkins.  mosey to next cone


3 minutes left at the end for some Mary before COT.  Hello Dolly’s and LBCs done IC.



YHC spoke to the group about using the phrase “I don’t have time” or some variation of that phrase sometimes as an excuse in our personal lives as a means to defer doing something with or for someone merely because we don’t want to be bothered with it (whatever “it” may be).  But replacing “I don’t have time” with “It’s not a priority for me” changes how we perceive the thing we are putting off, such as playing with your child or doing something for your M, parents, or other family members or friends. That change in perception can change our decisions and help us to get closer to living third and really impact other peoples lives.

Count-a rama




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