Backblast – Asgard – Tuesday 10/25/22 – safety third

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  • When: 10/25/2022
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Feud, Sasquatch, DNR, Crypto, Crotchless

Arm circles F / R x10 small and large
Don Quixote x10
El Chapos x10

Thang 1
Rifle carry to the field
Cones in field
Everyone starts in high plank on Cindy
1 Irkin
Roll over
1 chest press.
Keep rolling and adding one rep each time until you get to the far cone. Twenty meters

Bear crawl coupon drag to second cone. Apple turnover, crab walk with Cindy to first cone, then crawl bear drag back to start.

Thang 3

Wheelbarrow – Cross to cones, 5 hydraulics. Swap partners half way

High plank circle, Cindy pull through ring of fire.

Thang 4
Musical air chairs
PAX do We’re Not Worthy until there’s a winner

Rifle carry back to flag

Captain Thors


Some of the things we did today weren’t safe. A lot of the things we do aren’t safe. We cannot grow, or live, by being safe. Safetyism is a lie. Shared a quote from Mike Rowe about safety. We have let ourselves as a country believe that some outside force – government or medicine, make us safe forever. We gave up massive freedoms for the past three years, including the simple contact of friends and neighbors for safety that DOES NOT EXIST. Life is dangerous. Nobody can guarantee anything for you. You can’t accelerate without danger.

We all risk injury coming to workout. But we still come. Live life!


Crypto – way to push, when the leg may not be able to do all the exercises. It’s great seeing you out there.

Sasquatch – crushing it as always, and awesome to see you work with Crypto when modifications became necessary.

Crotchless – way to have fun out there. From the first screams of rolling in wet grass, to starting a wheelbarrow fight, it was awesome having you out in the gloom. Please don’t become a stranger. We need you there.

Feud – you are unstoppable! Crotchless couldn’t knock you down. No Heisenberg story here. Always great to have you pushing next to me.

DNR – where in the heck did you learn to wheelbarrow so fast? You say you can’t run, but you might want to try handstands in the future. Seriously, I want to be you when I grow up.

Hope everyone enjoyed something a bit different. Less reps, more crazy. I know I got a workout in.


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