Annual Hard Nocs Halloween Beatdown – Remember what Halloween is really about!

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  • When: 10/29/2022
  • QIC: Wasted
  • The PAX: Spaceballs, D-Day, Saigon Sam, Deuce, Mervin, Jersey Devil, Michelangelo, Gru, FNG - Big Sis', Dropout, Green Machine, Banjo, Bada Bing, Full Monty, Jobu, Recoil


Wasted welcomed 16 other HIM’s (Spaceballs, D-Day, Saigon Sam, Deuce, Mervin, Jersey Devil, Michelangelo, Gru, FNG – Big Sis’, Dropout, Green Machine, Banjo, Bada Bing, Full Monty, Jobu, Recoil)  to F3, a free, volunteer peer-led workout.  Not being a professional, it was up to each individual’s responsibility to exercise safe and modify as necessary to avoid injury.

F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  F3 has 5 core principles– Free, Open to all Men, Held Outdoors, Peer-Led, end with COT.  Credo:   Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found him.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve, small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership”


From the Q-Source this week we learned about Apprenticeship and discussed how our 2.0’s see everything we do.   Reminded PAX that Halloween was not actually founded around the the modern perspective of ghouls and goblins and just like Easter, Christmas, etc,.., another holiday in which society has taken over what those holidays beyond the real meaning.    What Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, is supposed to be about is a reminders of our mortality.  We commemorate the feast of All Saints on November 1st, beginning with All Hallows’ Eve on Halloween.  Thus we also think about and turn our minds really, to the last things: death, judgment, heaven, and hell.  And really our focus should be, since we all must die and are destined to judgment, how then are we to live?

Warm-up:  (5 mins)

  • SSH
  • Merkins
  • Hillbillies

The Thang:

The Q deducted a trick or treat pre-determined set amount of burpees by 1 for each person that posted in costume.   That pre-determined number was 20 and with 9 appearing in costume, it reduced that burpee reps to 11.

The Q then led the mosey while stopping and asking each PAX for a candy selection.  Burpees were performed for every chocolate flavored or coated candy called out.  If non chocolate like, twizzlers or starburst, then cardio or another exercise like ssh or mtn climbers, was selected,,,but if chocolate coated or flavored…burpees!   The PAX picked up on this pattern quickly!

Simple and effective and filled with tricks and treats and mosey from home to home with stops at the haunted forest and fartsacker homes for flying monkey humper exercises that certainly will be family favorites on the ring camera.



NameORama / 1 FNG – ” Big Sis’ ”


Prayer requests


Christian Thoughts / Prayer:

prayed for safe kids Halloweening and for HIM’s to keep their focus on apprenticeship and how we are living and leading by example.

For reference on the roots of Halloween:

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