Trick or Trick at Asgard

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  • When: 10/29/2022
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Crypto (rx2), Six Mill (rx2), Sasquatch, DNR, Crotchless

It was a dark and misty morning as 5 unsuspecting pax of Asgard arrived to Thunderbolt Park to find cones that looked like candy corn with the light shining through them, each spaced about 25 yards apart and in a square format.  What in the heck does Feud have up his sleeve this time?  They felt a little at ease when they were instructed to place their coupons at the third cone, knowing that they didn’t need them for the entire beatdown.  But this is Feud, and the elevator doesn’t always go to the top floor…


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Goofball x15 IC
  • Don Quixote x10
  • LBAC forward/backwards x13 IC
  • Chinooks x13 IC
  • Moroccan Nightclub x13 IC
  • The Mummy x15 IC

 The Thang

YHC reminded the pax that Halloween was around the corner and it was time to go Trick-or-Treating.  He gathered the pax to the cone 1 that was inside a candy bowl to hold down the “treats”.  Sasquatch later informed YHC that our definition of “treats” did not match as he considered all of these “treats” were actually “tricks”.  You be the judge….

Pax circled the candy bowl, traversed to said bowl to pick a treat out and the pax performed the exercise announced.  After a round or two at a neighborhood, the pax traversed to the next neighborhood.  Let’s go…

  • Cone 1
    • bear crawl to bowl as pax hold air chair
    • exercises:
      • Jumping Spiders
      • Plank-Jack O ’Lanterns
      • Watchout Squats (squats while raising your arms as if trying to avoid a bat coming at you)
      • Monster Mt Climbers
      • Kraken Burpees (the Tootsie Role of candy)
    • Mummy walk to next neighborhood
  • Cone 2
    • Lunge walk to bowl as pax hold low plank
    • Exercises:
      • Candy Crunches (LBCs)
      • Beastly Worst Merkins Ever (6 each position)
      • Dying Coackroach
      • Starburst Jacks (Star jacks)
      • Kraken Burpees
    • Creepy (Commando) Crawls to next neighborhood
  • Cone 3- the Charlie Brown neighborhood as all the pax got a rock
    • Crab walk to bowl as pax chopped
    • Exercises:
      • Skull Crushers
      • Burpee Grave Jumps Overs
      • Dead Lifts
      • Nestle Reverse Crunches
      • Kraken Burpees
    • Murder Bunny hops to next neighborhood
  • Cone 4
    • Broad jumps to bowl as pax chopped
    • Exercises:
      • Chain Saw Massacre (single arm rows with coupon)
      • Grave Diggers
      • Beastly Bicep Curls
      • Boo-yah Merkins
      • Kraken Burpees

Good news for the pax is they happen to avoid most of the coupon treats.  Bad news is that quite a bit of Tootsie Rolls were picked.  YHC could not figure out, however, why the pax felt he had a maniacal laugh.


YHC reminded the pax that the mid-term elections are coming up and that this may be scarier than Halloween.  So much mudslinging, and divisive rhetoric is out there, and if you are not careful, you can be sucked into it.  Before going into the ballot box, discern what your beliefs are and vote for the candidate that most aligns with what you believe, not what MSNBC or FOX News thinks you should believe, but what do you believe and think.  The bigger thing to remember is, in the end, no matter who wins/loses, we are all Americans. 

Thank you for allowing me to lead you today.


  • Continued prayers for the Ian and the Bailey, McCrae, and Warren families, as well as all those affected by cancer. May we one day find solutions to this dreaded disease
  • Prayers for Sasquatch’s friend Sean and the Willingham family; Sean passed away this past week
  • Donut Ruck this Sunday at 6 AM starting at Daily Donuts
  • STAR Course, Saturday, November 5th
  • F3 Christmas party, Dec 9th
  • F3 Jacksonville SLT meeting November 12th at PVB; will need representation if Feud cannot make it

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