Backblast – Asgard – Tuesday 11/08/22

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  • When: 11/08/2022
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes
  • The PAX: Feud, Crotchless, Mello, Friendly Fire, DNR

Blood moon, election day, and my birthday! How can I mix 45 into a 45 minute workout? Let’s see!

Motivators from 9
Merkins motivators from 9 (countdown from nine. Then a nine-count hold. Then 8,7,etc…)

Thang 1

Colt 45

Heisenberg step ups – 45

Bolt 45 – with coupons.

Thang 2

Five and Dime

Pull ups and box jump burpees

3 rounds (modified to two rounds as my stomach wanted to empty, and I didn’t want to run from my own Q with a brown alert)

Thang 3

Sledgehammer Indian run around the field and back to coupons

Thang 4

Depth charge – negative chess press. Ten count lower every ten reps. Try it, it’s fun!

Thang 5


Goblet squats on both ends, coupon lunges between.


AB-bomb – part one. 8 count. Maktar, Peter Parker, and back up. x8

Flutter kicks x24


Vote. It’s one of the few responsibilities asked of us for our freedoms. Otherwise, pray for wisdom. I’m not smarter today than I was yesterday. The birthday theme is fun, but it really is just another day to accelerate. But I appreciate everyone coming out to support.


original plan for the merkin motivators was high plank count AND low plank count between merkin reps, but thought some of the PAX might die, especially when I already had three PAX modifying the regular motivators.

If you haven’t done low quarter-squats with coupons, throw those into workouts. They really, really hurt.

I wanted three rounds of the 5 and Dime, but my own stomach betrayed me. Next time, Gadget!

And one of my next Qs will have the full ab-bomb-ination built in, so I can really entertain everyone.

But otherwise, mumblechatter was great. The surprise sledgehammer run was as well received as a Q could ask for.


Everyone pushed, and everyone (except Friendly Fire, I believe) hit a failure point. I need Ed to remember to bring a water if I’m going to count cadence for most of the workout. Lost my voice during Mary.

Thanks again, F3!

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