Freed to Lead!

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You are reading this because you want to know more! We appreciate you taking the time to want to make us better! This is just a reminder of how/why we do things!

We highly recommend reading Freed to Lead (by the Nation founders) and QSource (by Dredd)! These books will help grasp that how/why! There are also weekly podcasts that discuss these topics.

Our Mission is, “to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership!” This is so we can be Freed to Lead…

Our Credo is, “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him!” We all have different fitness levels and lifestyles. We always say “Modify as needed” too! We want all men to have the opportunity to better themselves. All men should be treated with same level of respect as we don’t know everybody’s story.

For running workouts we use the same ideas and make sure guys aren’t by themselves by turning around, etc.

Our Host Workout Q’s are there to make sure this is followed and assist as needed. We’ve often had workouts that cater to men that need less impact starting out. Currently we don’t have any of those, but remember you are Freed to Lead!

The Nation has 5 Core Principles and we stand by them:

1. “Workouts are free of charge!” No money is expected of you at any time!
2. “Open to ALL men.” This means we accept anyone, we cannot control the way they look, act, speak, their age, etc. Getting Emotional Headlocks isn’t easy, but is worth it. It does not hurt to ask, you can only get only a “Yes” or a “No!” Oftentimes it’s best for multiple people to engage that person (others may know them)! We (as F3 PAX) cannot control what PAX put on their own social media (we do ask if F3 is in your handle that you are aware that people may relate that back).
3. “Workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.” We use Slack to notify when something will be cancelled due to lightning, road conditions, etc.
4. “Workouts are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary!” Anyone can lead and we want everyone to lead. See a Host Workout Q to get added on the calendar for a specific workout.
5. “Workouts end with a Circle of Trust!” We take Prayer Request, Praises, and it’s a time of reflection. Usually it includes a prayer which is intended for ALL faiths.

Regional Leadership
There is no ONE person responsible for the group, but we have a group of leaders that make sure things are done decently and in order!

Nantan – oversees the other Q’s and organizes meetings to keep them accountable.

Fitness Q – oversees the Host Workout Q’s and organizes meetings to keep them accountable.

Run Q and Ruck – engages PAX in events.

Fellowship Q – sets the schedule for events (lunch, hangouts, etc)

Faith Q – oversees events where the PAX can hold each other accountable.

Community Q – oversees events where the PAX can serve our community.

Expansion Q – works to extend the boundaries of F3.

Weasel Shaker – keeps PAX engaged in all things!

Gear Q – works with Mudgear to allow PAX to purchase F3 related gear.

Comz Q – responsible for communication across all possibilities.

Our goal during a pandemic, weather event, or affecting event is to use the guidelines from our state or higher as directed. We can only suggest the PAX follow these, but can’t force PAX to follow them.

We have a Weasel Shaker, one of his main goals is to keep PAX engaged. Though it is not solely his responsibility, he leads the charge! We like to keep in touch with ALL PAX, please make sure to communicate as much as possible on Slack so people you know may be on vacation for an extended time, injured, etc. If you know of a PAX that has moved or is no longer able to come, please inform the Comz Q!

We have Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith opportunities every week! We would like all men to participate when possible to see what we are all about. Sometimes schedules don’t allow for different events or men may not be comfortable in some events due to their beliefs.

We allow you to take advantage of any opportunities we have. Please always refer to for workouts (beatdowns) and other events! Always remember, you are Freed to Lead!

We work out in the morning because the rest of the day we can be Dad’s, workers, etc. If guys have enough interest in working out other times of the day, put it out and lead it.

All new workouts require at least 6 PAX for 6 weeks before they can be made official (added to the calendar, website, etc).

We have Whetstone (2 men) and ShieldLock (around 4 men) groups that meet together for accountability basis. If you would like to be a part of one of these, please let us know if you need assistance forming one of these!

QSource is another great opportunity for fellowship & learning where Leadership books are read/discussed.

We want to be involved in the Community as much as possible, if you have ideas or events please share them!

Be sure to check out and!

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