Asgardian Marital Counseling

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  • When: 11/19/2022
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Sasquatch, Crotchless, Mello (R), Six-Mill(Rx2), Third-Eye, Gadot, Roddy, Crush, DNR (R), Blue Bloods (DR)

11 Pax, including 1 DR pax from Lexington, SC, posting on this cool-crisp mid-November, NE Florida gloom.  YHC picked up the Q for our brother Bartles & Jaymes as he recovers from week of sickness, work and preparation for our crafty decoration gathering at his humble abode later today.  This past Tuesday, YHC had a repeat Q to remember the Marshall University football team that perished in a plane crash back in 1970.  This his time, was a much happier event he wanted to remember: his wedding.  Tomorrow will mark his 23rd anniversary of the day he and his M became one, and the day he learned of the three rings of marriage.


  • SSH x23 IC
  • Toy soldier x11 IC
  • Goofball x20 IC
  • LBCs x19 IC
  • LBAC forward/backwards x15 IC
  • BAC backwards/forwards x15 IC
  • Chinooks x15 IC
  • Moroccan nightclub x15 IC
  • Wonder bra x9 IC

The Thang

First step towards the commitment of marriage is the engagement which requires the purchase of the first ring of marriage… the DIAMOND ring…

  • 7 of Diamonds– cones spread out onto the field in the shape of a diamond. Pax traverse cone to cone performing exercise as called by the Q in multiples of 7.
    • Round 1: Burpees x7
    • Round 2: Merkins x14
    • Round 3: Squats x21
    • Round 4: Flutter kicks x28
    • Round 5: Squats x21
    • Round 6: Merkins x14
    • Round 7: Burpees x7

Next step is the wedding.  As the couple say their vows to one another, the man puts the second ring of marriage on his lady’s finger and says, “with this ring, I thee wed.”

  • I Thee Wed: 1-2-3 Dora style
    • W– Werkins x100
    • E- E2K x200
    • D- Dips x300

Alas, we come to the third ring of marriage: the suffering. 

  • Ring of Fire- 1-minute AMRAP at each cone and 20 sec rests as pax traverse to next cone
    • Blockbees
    • Vertical Press
    • Skull Crushers
    • Curls for the Girls
    • Goblet Squats
    • Flutter Kicks with coupon overhead


Its amazing how perspective changes through the years.  When YHC got married to his M, he honestly believed that he would live life “happily ever after.”  Nearly a year after he married, he had the house, then another year later he became a father, and nearly five years after that came his 2.1.  As many of you know, that high of a feeling starts to fade through the years.  Research actually shows that the high you have for your marriage is at its peak on your wedding day and begins to slope down with each passing year.  If couples attend 8 hrs of marriage enrichment program each year, this downward slope can be negated.  Couples will still have their highs and lows (and why through the years it’s imperative that we chose to love our spouse at times when we are not so happy with them), but if we can slow down or negate this downward slope, more couples experienced prolonged joys of marriage.  By no means has our marriage been perfect; and there was a time we were not sure it was going to last.  But by God’s grace, our belief in a sacramental marriage, and our willingness to chose to love each other during that time, we’ve made it this far.  

Thank you, brothers, for allowing me to lead you today.


  • Decoration prep party at Bartles & Jaymes today at noon
  • F3 Christmas Tree decoration event Dec 3rd sometime after the beatdown
  • F3 Jacksonville Christmas Party Dec 9th– RSVP and place number attending in comments section
  • Prayers for:
    • Ian and the Bailey family
    • Betsey (DNR’s M) and her recovery from pancreatic transplant surgery
    • YHC’s M’s aunt admitted yesterday for a-fib
    • Praise report for YHC’s father who was discharged from the hospital yesterday
  • Pledge



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