6 years later, it still sucks.

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  • When: 12/13/2022
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: LIFO, Hey Big Papi, Brexit, Super Fly, Zamboni, Pud, Nature Boy, Bernie 4 points, Gekko, Blockbuster, Whiff, Groundspeed, Lego, Precious, Rosin Bag, Shock Treatment , Bowzer, The Burn (DR)

Today was my 6-year F3 Anniversary and I could think of no better way to celebrate it than by recreating the first beatdown I experienced. Lovingly designed by Lifo, this was a minimal running suck-fest that I tweaked ever so slightly. On slack the night before I posted that the burpee rule would be in play for anyone that utters the F-word. Fava. I had no intentions on enforcing it. I didn’t want anyone to be hindered.
Join me, won’t you on a trip down memory lane.

-Side Saddle Hops – 15 IC
-Reacher’s – 15 ic
-Monkey Humpers – 15 IC
Mosey around the parking lot to the field
-Captain Thor 1:4 = 10:40. This is where the complaining started. A train went by at this point and Gekko had a pavlovian response that is too graphic to repeat here.
-Pequeno chesto. Hey Big Papi was annoyed that I pronounced it wrong.
-Jump Squats or Squat Jumps- 15 OYO
-LBC’s – 30 IC

Mosey around the Park to the Pavilion, stop to get 5 pull ups.
-Bernie’s (calf raises) 25 IC
-Dips- 15 IC
-More Bernie’s- (He needs it) 15 IC
-Irkins- 15 IC

Lap around Park – with 5 Pullups, meet in the field.

During the lap, Bernie asked who the guy with the beard was. I had no idea who he was talking about since Groundspeed, Blockbuster, Zamboni and Whiff all have beards. Scratch that, Whiff didn’t have a beard. He just had some mud on his face that looked like a beard. Once we got back into a circle on the field, I discovered there was in fact a new person that joined us late. The Burn, down range from Atlanta. So we did 10 burpees. Let us continue….

-Sumo Squats- 20 oyo
-Iron Hulks 1:4 to 10:40. These suck after a while and The Burn said that a passerby might think we were a cult. He ain’t wrong.
-WW1 situps- IC- some number more than 10
-Pequeno chesto. Hey Big Papi was STILL annoyed that I pronounced it wrong.
-Flutter kicks – 20 IC
-Small chesto. Problem solved.

Lap around Park, 5 pull ups to the pavilion
-Bernie’s – 25 IC
-Dips – 15 IC
-Step ups 15 each leg oyo
-Irkins 10 IC
Mosey to the flag
-Finish with Circle Burp

6 years ago, I showed up to F3 an unfit, doughy dude with maybe 2 friends. Now, I’m a little more fit, slightly less doughy dude with a lot more brothers. That’s a win for me. Thanks for having me.

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