Badlands – Intentional – 12/13/2022

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  • When: 12/13/2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Shawshank, Bada Bing, Prunetang, Flo, Tackle Berry, Hat Trick, Penguin, Air Bags, Sofa

10 HIM gathered at the COT at Badlands for Run/Ruck day. We talked about being intentional. When you are intentional about something the easier it is to do it. Not because the task itself gets easier, but rather because you have your mind set on the fact that this is what needs to happen to get to your goal or achieve what it is you are doing. You take the excuses out and just do what needs to be done.

After some brief stretching, we got right into it. A group of (3) Ruckers were already out and about as they start about 15 minutes before the Runners. The Runners plan was for a 5K at an easier pace with planned resets around the 1.5-mile mark. We ended up getting in 3.25 miles at around a 9’55” pace.

The Ruckers joined the Runners right on time for the COT. We went around the circle having each HIM talk about something he is proud of being intentional with over the past year or what he is looking forward to being intentional about within the upcoming year. It was great to hear everyone’s stories. They ranged from hitting goals with children that needed a little extra help or being intentional at the home for more balance in the family all the way to finally achieving a physical goal that they had no idea they could do.

Be intentional about something in the upcoming year. Set a goal, talk about your goal, and go get your goal. You have a lot of brothers in your corner ready to help you along the way.


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