Engage – Verb, to become involved, or have contact, with someone or something.

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  • When: 12/22/22
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Sofa, Outhouse R, Prunetang R, Shawshank R, Spaceballs

YHC was greeted by 5 eager PAX, ready to get in one of the last beatdowns before Christmas. The message offered was to engage in the moment, whatever that may be. YHC had settled on this as the 8 block work of 2023 and found the word prominently featured in a daily mediation I received this morning. In the spirit of St Nicholas (a 4th century saint from present day Turkey, Patron Saint of Sailors, Children, and unmarried Women) a gift was promised to all who completed todays beatdown.

Warm Up – completed along the mosey back to the turf field: The Reacher x10 IC, Peter Parker , DD stretch OYO, Quad stretch, LM, Toy Soldiers (All OYO)

The Thang:

Partner UP:

All Pax complete the same sprints and exercise for each round in alternating fashion.

Sprint from goal to 20 and back 5X, exercise Freddie Mercuries

Sprint from goal to 40 and back 4X, exercise heels to heaven

Sprint from goal to opposite 40 and back 3X, exercise BBS

Sprint from goal to opposite 20 and back 2X, exercise Hello Dolly

Sprint from goal to opposite goal line and back 1x, exercise Catalina Wine Mixer

Pax plank Indian run along width of field, Indian run along length of field x1.

Mosey back to flag

Cool down, Valdez, Cat/Camel stretch, LM

COT/ prayers for Firefox recovery, Holdiay travels, unsaid prayers.

Gift earned – DD coffee

Question pondered “Do we cover our flowers?”

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