Holding the Line

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  • When: 01/07/2023
  • QIC: Ponce
  • The PAX: D-Day, Saigon Sam, Fury, Richey Rich, Zordon, Geyser, Grossman, Magellan

9 PAX including 4 FNGs – welcome Geyser, Fury, Richey Rich and Zordon – posted at the inaugural beatdown at St. Augustine’s F3 Wildwood. Grossman, an F3 veteran from the Tampa area, also joined us.

The Thang.

After a warmup that included some side straddle hops, hillbillies, Michael Phelps and a quick mosey, the PAX got after 8 rounds of cone interval work. To the first cone, we frog jumped. To the second cone, we bear crawled, and we did a hard run through the 3rd cone. Between each round of cones, the PAX completed a different body weight exercise – among them ring pull-ups, merkins, burpees and squats.

Exhausted, wet and cold, each PAX grudgingly finished with a 40-yard, 100 lb. kettlebell walk. Notably, while the rest of us either carried in a suitcase or rack position, Magellan pressed each 50 lb kettlebell overhead. Respect.

In our COT, we talked about holding the line against cultural forces hostile to who we resolve to be – good husbands, good fathers, and broadly speaking, men who actively seek discomfort in an effort to get better each day. There will be days, we noted, when while we strive to advance in our endeavors, all we’ll be able to do is hold the line; doing so, however, takes courage because the alternative is to capitulate to our base inclinations that tend toward comfort and indulgence. Further, we remembered that holding the line cannot be done alone. We need each other to keep going, particularly when we’re hit with a day full of adverse conditions.

We remembered that few held the line more gallantly than Winston Churchill, a hero of mine who, unlike his predecessor, stared down the evil of Nazism with a steely resolve to never concede or make any sort accommodation. He had to hold out, alone against a seemingly unstoppable force, until the United States got into the fight. What courage.


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