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  • When: 01/14/2023
  • QIC: Goggins, Dollar Bill, Papa Smurf, Sofa
  • The PAX: Goggins, Sofa, Wrangler ,Dollar Bill,Felony,Inside out(r),Outhouse(r),B for Bert(r),Housekeeping(r),Papa Smurf(rr),

The Pax met uncertainty head on and prevailed this morning in the sleet, snow, and wind that turned the turf at Sunshine Park into a winter wonderland.
At least that what it felt like.
Sometimes signing up to Q seems like a chore for the men of Poseidon but they know that we all have each others back…one of the attributes of F3.
So 4 brave souls leapt to the front of the group and got after it…the Pax was so invigorated by the cold weather that the mumble chatter was ALL WORLD this morning…thanks to the additions of Badlanders Sofa and Dollar Bill.

Goggins warmed the Pax up and did some running and Stuff.
Papa Smurf ran to the playground and did what Papa Smurf does…some flutter kicks, some merkins, and laps around the playground.
Dollar Bill was jonesing to Q the third quarter and promptly made the Pax circle up and call out an exercise. Delegation at its finest.
Sofa…the esteemed Sofa, gathered the Pax back together and had them mosey to the tennis courts to do wall sits, balls to the walls, and something else.
Ahhhh…it was too cold for anyone to be at the skatepark, so the Pax did some step ups, derkins, and dips…
With a final mosey to the pitch, the Pax circled up for a little stretching and a lot of mumble chatter.
Prayers for Cardinal, 3 Peat’s Mom, JIMMY, Scott, and Felony’s new job.
Always grateful to have a group of men to keep you from fartsacking on a Saturday morning

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